How to Host a Summer Brunch

Brunch 1

Hiiiiiiii!!! I am very excited about today’s post! A few weeks ago over Mother’s Day weekend, my Mom, sister, and I hosted a brunch for my aunts, girl cousins, and grandma (it was an all girls party). So for todays post there is no time for chit chat because this post has loads of pics and dialog. Here we go…. 

To make this post easy to read I will be doing 6 simple steps you should take for preparing your brunch.

  1. OK so the first things first when planning a brunch is you need to decide: Who. Who will you be inviting to your brunch? How will you let them know about the brunch… Word of mouth? Text? Cute invitations? I would love to say I sent out cute little invites, but between you and me I just used word of mouth. <– In my family I think this way is literally faster than texting. Make sure you have an accurate count for the people attending because everything else kind of centers around this.
  2. Menu time! Create a theme and create a menu. The theme for our brunch was all things mini. This way people get to try a little bit of everything without having to be rolled out of the house. For something fun, I created a little menu and posted it to a pink piece of paper… because pink… duh. Then I placed the menus on the plates so guests can see what the options are for food. Another thing you might want to think about is if you will be preparing all of the food, or if you will be assigning people different items to bring. To keep it simple, my mom and I did most of the baking, while we had my aunt bring mini blueberry muffins because they are bomb.Brunch Menu
  3. Games! No party (or brunch) is ever complete without games! Depending on the ages of your guests, games can vary. Our group was very diverse, with the youngest at age 4 and the oldest going all the way to my grandma who is… not 4. We kept the games simple: Mad libs (I paired up with my 4-year-old cousin to help her out on this one), the right/left game (you know that gave where there is a story and whenever the reader says “right” you pass an item right… Like Sally Right (pass right) went to her left (pass left) car door…), and a “How Well Do You Know Your Mom Game”. Again, for this game I helped my 4-year-old cousin write her answers out. Most important note: Have some fun prizes! Candy, lotion, and little seeds for planting were some of the favs we handed out.
  4. Prepare your eating area. For us, we have a great room, so this included the kitchen and the dinning room. We set all of the food along our island and had the guests go up and serve themselves. For the sitting area I created little name cards, while my mom set up the table with napkins, plates, ect… Since our table only hold 8, we brought up another table so all 10 of us could sit by each other.
  5. Prepare your food. This is pretty straight forward and kind of goes off of number 2. I suggest making some of the food a day ahead of time so the morning is not so rushed. Following this post I will be putting up more recipes that were included in our brunch, but for now I will just tempt you with pics. Of course there was more food, but I had a limited amount of time to snap some pics before the guests showed up…
    Mini Blueberry Muffins
    Mini Blueberry Muffins
    Mini Lemon Blueberry Cakes
    Mini Lemon Blueberry Cakes
    Brunch 2
    Mini Lemon Blubberry Cupcakes + Strawberry Cookies

    6) Have fun!!! This is probably the most important step. While it is your guests brunch, it is also yours too! So do not freak out if you do not have time to cook a certain food item (or you totally forget about a food item all together until after the party… ahem….)! This most important part in having a summer brunch is for you to get together with people you love and have fun!!! Happy Brunching!


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