Banana Split Ice Cream Cake

Banana Split Ice Cream Cake

Banana, pineapple, strawberry, and chocolate piled on top of each other can only mean 1 thing: Banana split cake! All of the flavors of this sky-high cake make a wonderful, refreshing dessert. This is the ultimate way to say so long to summer!

Yesterday was kind of a sad day. Yesterday marked my official first day of school! I don’t really mind school, but lets face it… School does not even fight in the same ring as summer. But something that defiantly eases the transition? Fantasy football. You guys I am in love with fantasy football! I am in a league with some of my family members and this is going to be our 5th year!!! Through those 5 years there have been people that joined, and people that we had to kick out. Well kind of… You have to put in your line-up ya know?! <– totally kidding. No one in our league really does that much research or knows much about the players. We just wing it. Oh and not to brag or anything, but out of the past years this fantasy football league has been around, my family has won 3/4 times! This year we are not letting my 12 year old cousin snatch first place again ;).

Enough football talk. It’s time to talk about ice cream cake! There is nothing like an ice cream cake. Ice cream cake is seriously my fav! See exhibits 12, and 3. This one is fruity and oh so refreshing! Enjoy!

Banana Split Ice Cream Cake

For the Crust:
20 Oreo cookies, crushed into crumbs
1/2 stick unsalted butter, melted
2-3 bananas, thinly sliced

For the Strawberry Layer:
1 pint strawberry ice cream, softened
1 cup strawberry ice cream topping

For the Chocolate Layer:
1 pint chocolate ice cream, softened
1 cup hot fudge

For the Vanilla Layer:
1 pint vanilla ice cream, softened
1/2 cup pineapple topping

To Garnish:
Whipped cream
Maraschino cherries (optional)
Chopped walnuts (optional)

1) Spray an 8, 9, or 10 (if you use a 10 inch spring-form pan you may have to increase the amount of ice cream and topping you use) inch spring-form pan with cooking spray. Set aside.
2) Stir together crushed Oreos and butter, then place into the bottom of the prepared pan. Top with banana slices. Place in the freezer for at least 15 minutes.
3) Remove crust from freezer and spread the strawberry ice cream over the bananas. Freeze for at least 30 minutes.
4) Pour strawberry topping over ice cream, then freeze for at least 1 hour.
5) Spread chocolate ice cream over strawberry topping and freeze for at least 30 minutes.
6) Pour hot fudge topping over ice cream and freeze for at least 1 hour.
7) Spread vanilla ice cream over hot fudge and freeze for at least 4 hours or overnight.
8) 1 hour prior to serving, top cake with pineapple topping. Place cake back into the freezer.
9) Just before serving, top ice cream cake with garnishes of your choice. Cake will stay good in an airtight container in the freezer for up to 4 days.

Recipe from Brown Eyed Baker


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