Chocolate Chip Cookies Pic 1Hi! I am Julia and I am obsessed with baking. I started baking about 3 years ago when I got my first baking magazine. The reason I actually got the magazine was because I wanted to eat dessert, but after the first recipe I made, I was hooked!!!

About the blog:

  • I decided on the name “not that julia” because my name is Julia like Julia Child.
  • The recipes on this blog will range from quick and easy no-bake desserts, to more time intensive desserts. Either way you can be sure they will be yummy! You will also be able to find delicious recipes for breakfast/lunch/dinner ect.

About me:

  • I am a high school student. <– I guess this is a perk for testing food with a teenage metabolism and all.
  • Along with my obsession with baking, I have an obsession with triathlons! I spend summers racing in triathlons as much as possible, the fall trying to squeeze in one more race, the winter dreaming of triathlons, and the spring getting ready for some more triathlons!
  • I am a Minnesota native, where I still live today. The winters are brutal, but the summers are amazing!!!
  • My 3 favorite foods are seafood, hot sauce (that counts as a food right?!), and ice cream! A day without ice cream is just not right in my opinion. Literally, I do not remember the last time I went a day without eating some ice cream.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂